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About the Game

Wend is a single player, top-down perspective game about exploration in which the player navigates a complex labyrinth, lighting their way with a single torch as they collect relics and wander towards the center. The catch, however, is that the brightness and size of the player’s torch light is dependent on their state of motion: the torch burns low and small while running through the labyrinth, and burns bright and large when while standing still. Luminescent gems can be found throughout the labyrinth and allow the player to mark their way as they proceed along the dark and mysterious paths. The game is intended to facilitate feelings of mystery in players as they methodically explore the vast labyrinth and challenge them to apply their memory and spatial awareness skills to uncover ancient relics required to access the secrets that lie at its center.

Use movement to illuminate the environment

The player has the ability to control their torch light through the movement mechanics. While moving, only a small radius around their avatar is illuminated, and while stationary their torch is raised automatically to expand this radius to the neighbouring pathways to view a greater portion of the labyrinth. 

Pick up and drop gems to create breadcrumb trails

The player may collect emissive gems hidden throughout the labyrinth to help them find their way. These gems illuminate a small area around themselves, and, as such, can also be placed back down to create strategic paths to specific areas or landmarks the player deems significant. 

Explore the labyrinth to collect relics and discover the path to the center

Due to the inherent nature of labyrinths as well as the reduced visibility within the environment, players must physically explore much of the area in order to find and collect relics, and navigate to find the exit. 


This game was developed to be played with an Xbox controller. Headphones recommended.

  • Use the left stick to move around the labyrinth
  • Use the right stick to move the camera (only enabled when you're standing still!)
  • Press "A" to pick up and drop gems, and to collect relics
  • Press Start to pause

Keyboard Controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Arrow keys to move camera
  • "B" key for picking up/dropping objects and any other action button prompts
  • TAB to pause (arrow keys to navigate menus while paused)


Wend.zip 386 MB


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